Our Actions in Africa !


Help to local schools :

- Roofing supplies for new classes.
- Supplies of construction materials for floors of new classes
- Supply of small school material - Notebook, pencil, pen ...

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- Safeguarding coral beds (destroyed by boat anchors ...)
- Manufacturing of concrete blocks connected to a chain with a buoy to tie the boats and to avoid that they destroy the corals with their anchor

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The population of Zanzibar is young with an average age of 17 years and mainly rural with only 32% of the population in urban areas. Life expectancy has increased markedly over the last decade, reaching an average age of 61 today.

Zanzibarites people therefore have important needs in terms of health and especially in terms of prevention. It is therefore essential to focus our actions in these areas:
- prevention of cardiovascular diseases with a diet tending to westernize with cooked fats, sugars, alcohol and tobacco ... ..
- prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS and STDs). Tourism represents a reciprocal sexual exoticism
- prevention of childhood diseases with an increase in vaccination campaigns in the villages
- prevention of ophthalmic diseases
- prevention of work accidents related to the use of unsecured agricultural machinery (amputation of the upper and lower limbs in front of unprotected blades)

The "Hakuna Matata" (there is no problem), Swahili expression summarizing the philosophy of optimistic life of Tanzanians should not hide the existence of medical situations sometimes delicate and painful.