Kilimanjaro Trekking

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The Kilimanjaro

Ascent of Kilimanjaro, roof of Africa
The Kibo, the main peak of Kilimanjaro, culminating at Uhuru Peak (5891 m) in Tanzania, near the border with Kenya, is the highest peak of the African continent. In the Kilimanjaro National Park, various trekking routes make it possible to ascend: the Machame route and Western Breach are the most famous.

Kilimanjaro, a massif of three volcanoes
Kilimanjaro is a mountain range that includes three volcanoes: the Shira - 3,962 meters -, the Mawenzi - 5,149 meters - and the Kibo, the most recent, with 700,000 years, which culminates in the Uhuru Peak, 5 891 meters. It is commonly referred to as Kilimanjaro and recognized by its summit icecap. It overlooks the savannah that surrounds it some 5,000 meters, making it the highest isolated mountain in the world. Its first ascent was in 1889. The Kilimanjaro National Park was established in 1973 to protect the forest. It is home to the Chagga and Masai, the two main ethnic groups living on its flanks. The climb of Kilimanjaro, because of its height, gives the opportunity to the trekkeur to cross different stages of vegetation: from the hustle and bustle of the rainforest, through an alpine floor of moors and maquis, to the desert caldera plateau summit, it is a crossing of the worlds that invites this ascent.

Ascent of Uhuru Peak, main summit of Kilimanjaro
The normal route, called the Machame route, is a sporting route that allows a gradual acclimatization to altitude and cold. The arrival on the summit caldera, impressive dimensions - 3.6 km long and 2.4 km wide - is striking strangeness, a bit like landing on the moon, a moon where large pieces of glacier would have been deposited there by the hand of a giant. In the center of the caldera, at the edge of which stands the Uhuru Peak, the central crater is no less than 900 meters in diameter; in the middle stands an ash cone of 200 meters. If it is now considered extinct, Kilimanjaro is still experiencing seismic tremors, and fumaroles sometimes escape from the bottom of its crater. Its last summit eruption dates back 500 years.
A comfortable lodge the first night to relax. The extreme diversity of landscapes: glaciers, seracs, volcanic canyons, forests and giant groundsel.

Ascent of Kilimanjaro by the Breach Wall
the ultimate trek 100,000 years ago, a landslide created Western Breach. Climbing the Breach Wall is a low-traffic route, as it is much more physically demanding. It borrows steep slopes in its terminal part. It is an ascent to be undertaken for those who have the mountain foot and a very good physical condition. The most difficult passages are beyond 5000 meters in a mineral environment where the progression is done at night for a good part! The most difficult climb of Kilimanjaro, just before the climbing routes, but an absolutely magnificent climb.