Yoga & Meditation

Yoga sessions by Gilles

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"The experience of travel in the journey"

Let's leave aside what we can think (wrongly) of Yoga: that we must be very calm, very flexible, adopt a particular lifestyle, etc ... It is not so.
Yoga, an age-old discipline that evolves over time, is accessible to all.
It is Yoga Vinyasa (dynamic yoga) that I propose to you in the morning. As a "sacred gymnastics" we will endeavor to accord movements and breathing, and to be fully aware of them.
At the end of the day, Yin Yoga, a much softer style. Ideal to relax and relax all nervous, muscular and articular tensions.
These two practices, in addition to real physical benefits, will lead you to mental calm. So, you'll be ready to follow Thierry.

Meditation sessions by Thierry in French

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What is meditation

Being Zen ... of course not! To be perched ... even less! A leak ... especially not! The purpose of traditional meditation is the awakening of Being, of the person. This practice; By dint of rigor, practice, will bring you over time to gain confidence in you, to fade your fears, as well as apprehend your daily life in a lighter way. But this is not meditation, it is the ultimate goal of awakening, to fade all our suffering, ie our fears. In the traditional practice, it will be called taking refuge, taking refuge in us, in order to return to the essential of our person. Here is not Mindfulness, which is very good, based on bodily attention, on bodily listening; welcome all that presents itself to us, but without the dimensions of the teachings, after a while, it lacks taste and depth. (But very good for any novice we are) True meditation is the renunciation of desires, passions, affections. Strive to accept everything that comes, be content with what you have. Meditation teaches us to be open to what seems unimportant, to transform ourselves deeply, and to illuminate all aspects of our existence. The meditation is not quiet, but painful at times, it is a true process of denouement and authenticity. Life offers it to us, it does not require us any investment, only of the good will, and, of rigor. It's so simple, it's very difficult ... Why would you tell me? Because the support of being practical, ... it's you!

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