Scuba Diving

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The 8 best dive sites around Nungwi and those where we go regularly. To see the location of these sites, visit the interactive map.

Leven Bank
Spectacular diving and one of the best dives in Zanzibar. Leven Bank is a mountain submerged by the ocean that falls from 12 to 55 meters. This dive is only recommended for experienced divers due to strong currents. This site is home to a wide variety of corals, nudibranchs, large moray eels. Leven Bank is the best place on Zanzibar for big game fishing and very often you can meet tuna, trevally, striped mackerel, barracudas, grouper, stripes. In August-September, humpback whales can be spotted from the boat.

Tumbatu Island
Tumbatu Island includes the most beautiful coral gardens in northern Zanzibar. Both dive sites, Shetani & Mwana have a spectacular and flourishing coral reef, containing a wide variety of hard and soft corals, from 3 meters and up to 12 meters deep. This makes Tumbatu an ideal place for beginner divers. Tumbatu is home to many turtles, leaf fish, octopus, scorpionfish, moray eels, nudibranchs.

Magic Reef
The name of this reef was given to him by our diving instructors. It rests at a depth of 12 to 20 meters and is magical. Magic Reef is a paradise for photographers. A diver can not swim more than a few meters on this reef without stopping and looking more closely at something unique. If you swim fairly slowly and look closely enough, you will find at each dive: Colorful Seahorses, Fish Leaf, Scorpion Fish, Frogfish, Squill, Octopus, Moray eel, Maurice Scorpion, Nudibranch, Crocodile Fish, Shrimp Cleaners, Turtles.

Mbwangawa / The House of Turtles
On the barrier reef of Zanzibar, Mbwangawa descends gently from 8 to 18 meters. By drifting along, you will find great brain corals, large varieties of soft corals, areas of flat corals and many tropical fish. At the bottom of the slope, the reef ends on an area of ​​flat sand where it is very common to see Rays, Fish Guitar. At the end of the coral reef there is a clean spot at the Spanish Dancer Divers, called the Turtle House. It is a sand area with small rocks, where we once counted up to 12 turtles in a single dive.

Hunga / Nankiville
Two of the best dive sites on Nungwi, usually with very good visibility. Hunga and Nankiville sit next to each other on a flat bottom covered with corals. Hunga is a reef at 16 meters deep, Nankiville at 12 meters. Both dive sites are shaped like large circles made of huge rocks with large varieties of colorful corals. You can often see schools of Barracuda, Snappers, Unicorns and Napoleons, Groupers. If you look at the sand between the rocks, you are sure to find Crocodile Fish, Scorpion-stone fish.