Rafting the Nil

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Rafting on the Nile

The source of the Nile has been vaguely mentioned in the writings of Ptolemy. This prompted several former explorers to undertake various expeditions in search of the source of the great Biblical Nile. Although many contradictions have emerged about the true source of the Nile, the most renowned and yet documented source is in Jinja, Uganda. This source was famous among the inhabitants of Buganda as well as the Kingdom of Buganda, and the first European to have discovered and confirmed its existence in Jinja was John Speke.
The Nile is the second longest river in the world and comes from the largest lake in the world. Lake Victoria. The Nile is about 6400 kilometers long and it is from its shores that the world civilization began. On average, it ejects 3.1 million liters of water per second, while its high-ranking rapids make it an international attraction where kayaking and rafting can be enjoyed.Today, the source of the Nile remains the one of the most controversial with several countries claiming each to hold the source of the Nile. Nevertheless, the source of the Nile is in Lake Victoria and is where the Nile begins its 6400-kilometer journey through Africa. In addition, the descent of the Nile to Jinja gives the opportunity for a splendid whitewater rafting. However, the culminating glory of the Nile in Uganda are the magnificent waterfalls of the Murchison where this long river bursts through a small 7-meter gorge with the Rift Escarpment.
DAY 1 Uganda Safaris
After breakfast in Kampala, departure for Jinja, a destination of origin of the Grand Nile. While crossing the green forest of Mabira, observe the colobus monkeys and the birds. After a 45 minutes drive, you will arrive at the famous Owen Falls dam, a hydroelectric power station in Uganda. From there, continue to Ripon Falls; the source of the Nile where the legendary John Speke was. From here you can enjoy white water rafting along this same Nile.
Day 2
Take a tour of the capital, and this will mark the end of this exciting journey.